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Our resources continue to grow and so do we: Professional Boundaries, Inc. is now PBI Education (PBI). We offer regulator-approved remedial and preventative CME/CE courses and resources for licensed professionals, organizations, institutions, and agencies.

PBI Education offers courses on medical ethics, pharmacy ethics, boundaries, medical records, prescribing, and more that safeguard licensed professionals and the public they serve by keeping professionals professional.

Providing institutional training, remedial and preventive programs.

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Since 2001, PBI has been working to help those who’ve stepped over the line to step back and learn from their mistakes. In an effort to share what we’ve discovered, we've collected first-hand accounts and other helpful information into The Practical Professional in Healthcare. By learning from each other, we hope to advance our common goal: to help talented professionals continue productive careers and to keep each other on the right side of the line.

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