Our Mission

Our mission is to be a resource center for information pertaining to professional boundaries and boundary violations. This site provides information on continuing education opportunities, as well as an avenue for obtaining professional assessments, treatment and consultations.

The mission of Professional Boundaries, Inc. is to provide high quality, continuing education events that are clinically and academically based on the topic of professional boundaries. The objective is to safeguard both the professionals and the public.

Professionals in the fields of medicine, psychotherapy, law, education, and religion are fiduciaries. By definition, they are agents that stand in relation to trust, confidence and responsibility. With this duty comes an obligation to serve others morally, ethically and competently. This requires continued education in our chosen professions in accompaniment with personal growth. An essential component of your education is a comprehensive understanding of boundary dynamics, which are the core of professional boundaries, and an awareness of your personal and professional vulnerabilities that can place you at risk for a violation.

To accomplish this, Professional Boundaries, Inc. is committed to its Mission:

Keeping Professionals Professional

by providing high quality continuing education events that are clinically and academically based on the topics of Ethics, Professional Boundaries, Medical Record Keeping, and Prescribing. The objective is to safeguard both the professional and the public.

Our Story

Professional Boundaries, Inc. is not just a company, but a consortium of dedicated professionals from across the country that serves as our core teaching faculty. They are united through our shared mission and their nationally recognized expertise in the field of boundary education, evaluation and treatment of impaired professionals and in the rehabilitation of professionals from all fields.

Initially developed for the health care fields, we now provide service to numerous professions as well as to their regulatory agencies and licensing boards.

Our Methods

The Smart Boundary™ Workshops, Seminars and Training Programs are designed with a focus on prevention and risk management. Additionally, we offer regularly scheduled training and rehabilitation programs for professionals dealing with professional boundary issues or violations. These CME approved programs have been approved by most states' regulatory / licensing boards to comply with and fulfill required course work pertaining to boundary transgressions and violations.