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PBI Boundary and Ethics Coaching

A PBI service available to the
graduates of our remedial courses

You are not alone.

Boundary or Ethics coaching is an opportunity to discuss one-on-one with an experienced PBI faculty member, the specifics of your case and the strategies for practicing safely.

Learning how to convey to others what you have learned along your journey may be the tipping point in acquiring employment or for remaining in the profession in the wake of a disciplinary action.

PBI Boundary Coaching provides important feedback and guidance when you need it most. Reflective review and fine-tuning of your boundary protection plan are paramount. Building confidence comes from frank discussion with those that know the obstacles and opportunities that lay ahead.

Let our experience help you.

How Does It Work?

We offer this service in 30 minute blocks of time, at a rate of $150 per 30 minute block.

Depending upon your unique situation, you may be better suited with either our Boundary Coach or our Ethics Coach. If you are unsure about which coach would be best suited for your needs, our staff can help you make this decision. If you feel you need more time, we can reserve additional units. Assignments or documents can be submitted for review by the faculty if applicable.

To schedule an appointment or for questions, please email
Leia Leiser, Education and Development Manager, at [email protected] or call 904-860-6204.

Please note that these coaching sessions are meant to enhance your education, to offer guidance in the integration of course material into clinical practice, and for refining of one's stratified protection plan. This may or may not positively impact your particular regulatory case. PBI is a neutral, educational entity and therefore, cannot provide a statement of advocacy for a particular licensee.