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Continuing Education Courses for Teachers

At PBI Education, we offer several courses designed specifically for educators that understand and accomodate the unique challenges you face.

Professional Boundaries, Ethics, and Professionalism in Education

TE-16 | TE-20 | TE-24

This course is designed specifically for teachers who are addressing administrative or regulatory issues as the result of a complaint of professional misconduct or a violation of code, policy or administrative law. Comprehensive and interactive, this course provides an essential education to receive prior to appearing before a hearing or to fulfill disciplinary requirements. We offer three different versions of the course, each with a different number of teaching hours, customized to your needs.

The course is taken by phone and augmented with readings and written assignments. It is available year-round and starts immediately upon registration. Each course is individualized for state specific laws, codes, and teacher issues, while additional modules can be added to address specific topics of concern.

TE-16 (16 course hours):

TE-20 (20 course hours):

TE-24 (24 course hours):

16 - 24 Contact HoursBy Phone

TE-12 Teacher Ethics - Maintenance and Accountability Seminars

Operational since 2003 for healthcare professionals facing administrative / regulatory issues, M.A.S. is now available for teachers and school administrators who have completed the TE-16, the TE-5, or the TE-5A courses. As a continuation of the facilitator led, peer discussions initiated in the preliminary courses, these one-hour teleconferences are designed to:

  • Enhance Boundary / Ethics Protection Plans to protect schools, teachers, and students.
  • Improve ethical decision making through the recognition of risk factors.
  • Foster professional accountability.
  • Reduce professional isolation often encountered during the disciplinary process by offering a supportive, educational experience.

12 Contact HoursBy Phone