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Teacher Ethics - Maintenance and Accountability Seminars

Teacher Ethics - Maintenance and Accountability Seminars
12 Hours

TE-MAS-12 is an advanced course, available to the graduates of the TE-16, TE-5, and TE-5A courses. Perfected from five years of weekly MAS sessions for healthcare professionals, and now adapted for teachers and administrators, the TE-MAS continues the learning process initiated in the prerequisite courses for risk assessment and protection plan application. Utilizing twelve weekly one-hour teleconferences, participants from across the United States work collectively to improve ethical decision-making and to enhance professional accountability.

Goal:    To prevent boundary / ethical violations from occurring in the education profession.

Teachers and school administrators will:
  • Improve boundary / ethical dilemma recognition and resolution.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply Stratified Protection Plans in school settings.
  • Learn to utilize peer processing to enhance professional accountability.
  • Learn to identify violation potentials in colleagues and to intervene when appropriate.
  • Help others to maintain their professional boundaries and moral compass.

Prerequisite:  Completion of one of the following: TE-16, TE-5, or TE-5A


$395.00 ( Credits)

Availability:  Year-round

Format:  Twelve one-hour, small group teleconferences

Faculty:  PBI faculty

Seminar 1 - Orientation to the M.A.S.S. system
Seminar 2 - Introduction, sharing issues, and identifying commonalities
Seminar 3 - Verbalization of the Boundary / Ethics Formula for teachers and classroom settings
Seminar 4 - Describing a protection plan for school, students, and self
Seminar 5 - Enhancing accountability through peer interaction
Seminar 6 - Dilemma recognition and resolution
Seminar 7 - Distinguishing hot-cold ethical processing, learning when to ask for help
Seminar 8 - Identifying violation potentials in others
Seminar 9 - Helping colleagues with high violation potentials
Seminar 10 - Mentoring appropriate boundaries for teachers and students
Seminar 11 - Assignment - refined protection plan
Seminar 12 - Course feedback and participantsÂ’ critique