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Customized Ethics Training

Educational Courses for Other Professionals

PBI has revolutionized professional boundary and ethics training. Our courses are practical and centered around the development of an ethics protection plan for each attendee. The protection plan provides attendees a valuable tool to prevent future ethical transgressions.

No one can afford even the perception of misconduct. If it looks like a violation, it is a violation.
~ Stephen Schenthal, MD
Founder of PBI

Our ethics training courses for executives utilize the same PBI proprietary teaching tools used over the past decades to safeguard physicians, attorneys and other professionals.

All professionals face ethical challenges every day and the majority make the correct choice. However, every professional carries a violation potential (VP) as defined by PBI's Boundary / Ethics Formula™ which varies in response to internal vulnerabilities and external risk. Most of these are unrecognized, especially during times of stress and due to personal issues. PBI Ethics Training is designed to improve ethical processing by improving insight and understanding to dilemma recognition and resolution. Our courses were selected to educate all of the US Medical Boards in 2006, the US Air force in 2008, and other US Government employees in 2009.

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PBI can deliver training through individualized live programs that integrate corporate policy and administrative concerns into the educational experiences. Large scale interactive online courses can be tailored to each corporation utilizing PBI's BluLapis Technology ™. This allows for an employee to gauge their own violation potential and automatically create a strategic plan to reduce their risks through a computer-generated Stratified Ethics Protection Plan ™.

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