PBI Healthcare Professional Courses

PB-24 | Professional Boundaries and Ethics Course | 24 CME Credits (up to 52 CME Credits)

The PBI Professional Boundaries and Ethics Course

This boundary course is a 24 CME credit weekend seminar held in Atlanta, GA; Irvine, CA and Sacramento, CA. Optional pre-course and post-course online or teleconference options expand this program up to 52 CME credits. This professional boundaries and ethics course meets and exceeds every State Regulatory Board's required continued education across a spectrum of professional boundary issues.

ME-22 | Ethics Course | 22 CME Credit

Medical Ethics & Professionalism

The PBI ME-22 Ethics Course is a 22 CME credit seminar conducted in Irvine, CA or Sacramento, CA. This course combines an 8 CME credit pre-course with a 14 CME credit two-day seminar and an optional 6 and 12 month post-course follow-up. This ethics course meets and exceeds every State Regulatory Board's required continued education in ethics and is approved by the California Medical Board.

The Primer 20 | Teleconference Seminars | 20 CME Credits (Expandable in 4 CME Credit Units)


Professional Boundaries & Boundary Violations: A Primer

By combining readings, written assignments and teleconference discussions, the Primer 20 covers a spectrum of boundary crossings and violations frequently encountered in clinical settings. This course is designed to fulfill disciplinary mandates for a spectrum of violations. The Primer 20, often along with MAS-12 (below), serves to reduce violation potentials for participants who have completed the 24 CME credit comprehensive PBI Professional Boundaries Course (above).

MAS-12 | Weekly Teleconference Boundaries & Ethics Seminars | 12 CME Credits


Professional Boundaries & Ethics: Maintenance & Accountability Seminars

This advanced course was designed for graduates of PBI courses and other ethics & boundaries courses. These hour long teleconference seminar discussions are held weekly. Participation in these seminars provide up to 12 CME credits. These discussions focus on ethical and boundary dilemma resolution utilizing a supportive peer group format. Regular attendance enhances professional accountability.